Increasing your battery life

The #1 cause of battery failure is Acid Stratification.

MIXTECH has fixed that

MIXTECH prevents acid build up from killing your battery and can extend their life by up to 4 times.

It’s 100% maintenance free, provides superior sustained performance and offers the lowest total cost vs. all other conventional batteries in the industry.

Without MIXTECH, acid in the electrolyte settles at the bottom which leads to excess corrosion and charge imbalance. This is known as acid stratification.
The motion of your vehicle causes the electrolyte to circulate and continuously mix preventing acid stratification.

All River Batteries Gold Coast stock the entire range of Mixtech batteries for your Car, Boat, Truck, Caravan or camper.

So give us a call on 0405 749 295 to discuss the right Mixtech battery for you

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