Covid-19 Update:

We are still operating at this stage and we intend to continue operating until it is condiered unsafe to do so.
As we know that people highly depend on their cars and a dead car battery is very stressful in these uncertain times.
We have taken necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our customers in this very difficult time.

*Limiting unnecessary contact with customers and their property
*Cleaning/disinfecting the eftpos terminal and all other common areas after every transaction
*Keeping safe social distancing during battery installation
*Customers may leave keys out and pay over the phone if they wish (This is a must if customer is feeling unwell/sick in any way)

Be assured that we have many months worth of stock at our factory but are also assured by our supplier that our supply chains are very robust from the factory in South Korea to your vehicle. Another reason why dealing with the biggest battery manufacturer in the world is in your favour.

Please note our trading hours are always accurate on google if we are forced to close it will be reflected on google.


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